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  1. 2018.7.8

    New Customer Nail Promotion! First up is Kanoko’s Promotion

    All new customer promotions can be viewe…

  2. 2018.6.30

    July Weekday New Customer Promotion

    We are announcing our July weekday new c…

  3. 2018.6.30

    Line Friends x Regular Patrons! Spend over $1000 and…!

    It's hot every day! That lunch or hap…

  4. 2018.6.30

    July Monthly Gel Nail Designs

    Our popular fixed price monthly design n…

  5. 2018.6.26

    Extension of working hours in July

    『I want a haircut after work but JUST ca…

  6. 2018.5.31

    June Weekday New Customer Promotion

    We are announcing June's new customer pr…

  1. June Monthly Gel Nail Designs
  2. ☆June’s Special Promo☆ Kanoko’s Nail Special for Regular and New Customers!
  3. Till the 21st! Junko’s nail promotion
  4. Final Month: Spring New Customer Super Promotion!!


Shop Information

1/F & 2/F Mody House, 30 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel: +852-2739-1960 (1/F Hair)
Tel: +852-2739-1966 (2/F Nail & Lash)
Whatsapp: +852-6169-9950
Opening Hours 10:30 ~ 20:00

Welcome to Carte Blanche!

Welcome to Hong Kong's first Japanese total beauty salon.

We have a team of 10+ professionals with experience in Omotesando, Roppongi, Ginza of Japan, as well as New York, London and Shanghai under their belts.

Spanning two floors, the 1F hair salon has a unisex brown and gray interior, while the 2F nail and lash salon is a ladies zone of white and pink.

We look forward to your visit!

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