December Promotion♡

In December we have three promotionsルンルン

①6th Anniversary! Regular patrons get a $50 service voucher redeemable on next visit!

②Mini-gift for Line Friends (requires coupon)

③New customer weekday promotion (requires coupon)


Offer① For our regular patrons! 6th anniversary coupon 

All our regular patrons get a $50 coupon when visiting us in December, that can be used for services on the next visit流れ星

One coupon is obtained for each visit, so if you visit us one day for hair and another day for eyelashes you will get two coupons!!

Offer② A mini-gift for our Line Friends

For Line Friends visiting us in December, we have a gift of a mini shampoo & treatment set! 

To redeem the gift, you do need a Line coupon, but this is redeemable so long as it is before the end of your session so you can always friend us instore!!

To obtain the Line coupon in advance please click here → Register as Line Friend

The mini gift is worth $100~$150 and is great for traveling of just testing a new product you’re a little interested in.

All the shampoos are used for shampooing in store so you if you take a liking to a particular shampoo please let your stylist / assistant stylist knowルンルン

However please note that popular series may go fast アセアセ


Offer③ New customer trial price!

Simply get 20% off any service on weekdays!!

We have hair, nail, eyelash extension, eyebrow styling and facial services, so for example, if you have visited us for hair but not for nails, you can still avail of the trial price for nailsチューラブラブ

The promotional price is 20% off the below rack ratesキラキラキラキラキラキラ

We of course have a large range of other menus. Please inquire with our reservation staff for details.

The promotional condition is for you to show the coupon at the end of the article to your technician before the start of the session so please be sure to have the coupon readyハート


Refresh your hair style before the new year

Hair cut (incl shampoo & blow dry) $500~

Coloring $650~

Perm $800~

Treatment  $500~


Get merry with Christmas & Winter nail designs!

Manicure (cuticle care & 1 colour polish) $280

Pedicure (cuticle care & heel care & 1 colour polish) $480

Soft gel (cuticle care & 1 colour gel) $650

Fixed price monthly design soft gel (cuticle care & design gel) $790~

Senior nail designer staff designation $100

Get 20% off whether it’s a simple single colour mani, or art bonanza, or fixed price monthly designs雷

※Used in conjunction with a nail service, soft gel removal $200→free, hard gel / acrylic removal $400→$200 (reservation required).


Get your lashes ready for the party season

Single Lash Extensions 120 strands (60/60) $1200

Volume Lash Extensions 120 bundles (60/60) $1400 ※There is limited staff availability for Volume Lash. Please request at time of booking

Senior eye designer staff designation $100

※Used in conjunction with a lash service, soft gel removal $200→free, hard gel / acrylic removal $400→$200 (reservation required).


Popular with men and women! Eyebrow Styling

First visit (incl counseling) $450

Maintenance $300 (not available to new customers)

Our Eyebrow Stylist Marimo will recommend a style that suits you グラサン


Basic Reset Facial $500

This gentle facial goes back to the basics – a proper cleansing with a fluff of marshmallow-like foam combined with a carbonated masque to reset your skin regeneration cycle 照れ


■December Promotion terms and conditions

※For visits up to December 31.

※To avail of the new customer promotion, please ensure to show the below coupon (smartphone screen / printout) in store prior to the start of your session. Presentation is required even when you have mentioned the promotion at time of booking.

※New customer promotion is available only on weekdays.

※To obtain your Line Friend gift, please show your Line coupon to staff before the end of your session.

■Other notes

※Should you require eyelash or gel/acrylic nail removal, please mention at time of booking regardless of whether it is a free item, as this affects the duration of your session. Promotional prices are as follows when used in conjunction with the relevant service (promotional price not available for standalone removal): Soft gel $200→free, hard gel / acrylic $400→$200, eyelash extension $200→free.


Promotional price for new customers applies when the following coupon is shown in store prior to start of session!

**************************Irregular store hours***************************

December operating hours

☆Our store will operate 10:30~18:00 on December 25 and December 31.

☆For all other days in December we will operate as usual, i.e. 10:30~20:00.

January holidays

☆Our store will be closed for 3 days on January 1, 2 and 3.


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