Line Friends x Regular Patrons! Spend over $1000 and…!

It’s hot every day!太陽

That lunch or happy hour icy cold beer and cool pinot grigio feels even nicer these days生ビール白ワイン

Here’s our own HOT July promotion for regular customersハート

It’s very simpleおーっ!


Present the Line coupon in store to enjoy…

$150 off on weekday service spending over $1000!

$300 off on weekday service spending over $1500!!

What a deal!びっくりびっくりびっくり


※To enjoy the Line Friend offer, please show the Line Coupon in-store. To register click ★here★. For already-registered customers, we will be broadcasting the coupon on June 30 / July 1.


You can mix and match services whether it’s

Colour & Treatment

Cut & Digital Perm

Nail & Lash

Nail Mani & Pedi!

Get prepared for your Summer vacationラブラブ


It’s Summer!!

Get a Summer hair do

Treatment to minimize sun damage

Waterproof eyelash extensions

Nails for the beach

And so much more!


While we tend to publicize new customer promotions, in addition to these promotions for regular patrons, we also have packages (except hair) that enables our loyal customers to enjoy great discounts. Please ask our staff in store for details チュー


Also, in July, we will be extending our working hour for hair by 1 hour on weekdays (1 stylist will come in 1 hour late) → click for detailsルンルン


ふんわりリボンPromotion conditionsふんわりリボン

※Valid on weekdays to July 31.

※Valid for use one time per customer.

※As the coupon must be clicked to change to “used” status, please present the coupon from within the app. We do not accept a screenshot of the coupon.

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