Winter 2016-17 Nail & Lash Hotel Guest Special

Before you come

*We highly recommend you to ask your concierge to make a reservation or check staff availability before visiting to avoid disappointment >>> reservations

*Have data services on the go? Then come on right over!

*Don’t have data services on the go? Then please make sure to do the following while you have wi-fi.

1. Download or take a screenshot of the below coupon so you can show to our staff on arrival.

2. Make sure you have our address. It is 1/F & 2/F Mody House, 30 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, right near MTR N1 exit, accessible from both Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsim Sha Tsui East MTR stations. It is likely within a 10 minute leisurely stroll from your hotel. For further details >>> access


When you get here

Show this coupon to get 20% off Cuccio Pedi Spa x Shellac ($1,230 discounted to $980).

Change your mind? It’s ok, this will also get you 20% off other gel nail or eyelash extension menus.

Do more than one menu (mani+pedi or nail+lash) OR take a friend and get 30% off entire nail & lash service bill.



What’s Shellac and how is it different?

Shellac belongs to the Power Polish category of Gel Nails and is a brand name.

Gel Nails, whether they be Power Polish, Soak Off (Soft) Gel or Hard Gel all share one common trait – unlike nail polish that is like paint and gradually dries, gel nails set immediately upon exposure to UV/LED lights. Depending on where it belongs in the gel nail spectrum, the different gels have vastly different characteristics.

Here’s a quick run down of the different types of gel nails to see what suits you. Gel nails is not an exact science – there is some cross over near the boundaries – so please take it as an indicator.

Power Polish Gel

This is where Shellac belongs.

Pros: They do not require buffing to prep the nails before gel application, and easily comes off with acetone remover. This means your session is quicker, and it is the least damaging to your natural nails as it requires very little buffing.

Cons: Is least lasting of the gels, typically lasting 10-14 days. Generally ill-suited to nail art.

Who are they suited for? People who like simple nails like single colour or french nails, who do not like to have a “grown out” look by wearing the gel too long, who want to get out of the salon nice and quick. In short, someone who wants a more lasting version of nail polish.

Soft / Soak Off Gel

This is where Carte Blanche’s soft gel range belongs.

Pros: Comes off easily with sanding (of the top gel layers) and, as the name suggests, soaking in acetone remover. With proper cuticle care, typically lasts over 21 days – i.e. your nails will grow too long and you will want to remove it before the gel nails give way, like Carte Blanche’s customers most of whom visit every 4 weeks. With a skilled manicurist only requires light buffing and non-damaging. Great for nail art.

Cons: With a skilled manicurist, session becomes lengthier due to the need for more care. With an unskilled manicurist, is more damaging than Power Polish due to excessive buffing.

Hard Gel

This is an older type of gel, though still with some great uses.

Pros: Hard and shiny, Hard Gel is great if you want to do nail extensions, or to use as a top coat for people who have soft nails and want some strengthening. Similar to Soft Gel, Hard Gel is long lasting.

Cons: Similar to Soft Gel, session is lengthier due to the need for more care. It also does not react much or at all with acetone, meaning that when removing all of the gel needs to be removed by buffing, which without a skilled manicurist will cause extensive damage to your natural nails.

At Carte Blanche, we only use Hard Gel for extensions or as a strengthening top coat. For customers not in need of extensions, we only ever use Power Polish or Soft Gel as a base coat so as not to unnecessarily buff your natural nails.



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