Regular Price
Senior Price
Single Upper Lash 120 set
Single Upper Lash 100 set
Single Upper Lash 80 set
Single Upper Lash 60 set
Single Upper Lash Refill
$12/lash + $100
Volume Upper Lash 120 bundles
Volume Upper Lash 100 bundles
Volume Upper Lash 80 bundles
Volume Upper Lash 60 bundles
Volume Upper Lash Refill
Bottom Lash
$20/lash + $100
Removal of Carte Blanche lashes before new set
Removal only
Other store removal

※ Please ensure not to use lash curler. We will be unable to do your lashes if it is curled by a lash curler.

※ For the best results, please do not apply mascara on the day of your visit. However, makeup remover is available at the salon.

※ If you have had an eyelash perm done within the last three months, we may be unable to carry out eyelash extension services. Please consult our staff at time of booking.

※ When you are allocated a senior staff despite not designating a staff, the regular price applies.

※ Changes and cancellations accepted to 18:00 the day prior to booking. Details of late cancellation and no show charges.



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