Online Booking

Please see further down the page for instructions to avoid “senior staff” charges and other useful notes.

First time customers

Please ensure to select Initial Consultation together with your menu of choice. We add 30 minutes to normal booking times to ensure that we can understand your needs.

About senior staff charges

We have different pricing depending on staff. 

For customers who do not have a specific staff in mind and wish to book an appointment with the lowest cost, please:

1. Select “Anyone” for your preferred staff then click “Find appointments”.

2. Select your preferred appointment time. In doing so, the system requires you to select a staff tied to the booking. Please select the time/staff. Even when you select a staff during this step, this is marked as a “no staff request” booking in our appointment system.

Please note that when you book in the above manner, we reserve the right to change the staff at our discretion without prior notice. 

We have noticed that depending on the browser interface you are using, the system may or may not automatically add the staff request charges. Please do not be concerned as our receptionists can see whether you selected “Anyone” first and will adjust the price at point of payment. We are working with the online booking company to see if this can be resolved and ask for your patience on this, and apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you are still worried and wish to be careful, you can make a note in your reservation that you have made a booking with “Anyone”.

About other specials 

Our regular patrons are familiar with our free gel removal and lash discount for revisits. Don’t worry, these specials are still in force! Please bring along your tickets and our receptionists will adjust your prices.

Bookings for services not on online booking menu 

To avoid overly complicating the system, we have selected our most popular menus for online booking. To book services not on the menu, please call or Whatsapp.

Unsure which menu?

If you are unsure, please select the menu you think is closest to what you need. Here are some suggestions:

Without gel removal: N1-09 Hand Monthly Design Gel Simple Course

With gel removal: N1-10 Hand Monthly Design Gel Simple Course w Soft Gel Removal

Refill: L1-05 Upper Lash 80 Course

New set: L1-07 Upper Lash 120 Course

SMS function

We currently do not offer the SMS confirmation service, though this appears as an option during the booking process.

Nail and Lash same-time bookings

Due to system limitations, online bookings sometimes cannot be made for two services occurring at the same time, even when both manicurist and eye designer are available. Please kindly make the bookings such that the bookings times do not overlap, then call in to have our receptionists manually change the booking times. This will still be considered an online booking and relevant online promotions, if any, will still be applicable.

Hair bookings

We are yet to launch hair bookings. Please call or Whatsapp for hair bookings.



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