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We have recently changed our treatment menu♪

In addition to the existing Moisturizing Treatment and Head Spa, we have added a Damage Repair Treatment as well as Sparkling Carbonated Cleansing!

Also, just a reminder that we are the only Japanese salon in Hong Kong that uses water that has been passed through an imported commercial-grade filter, which recreates the properties of the very soft natural spring waters of Japan.

Now for the menu!

Sparkling Carbonated Cleansing $100

An optional add on to treatments. (Not offered as a standalone service).

The carbonated treatment has the effect of removing impurities such as silicon, residual alkali, and calcium ion that clings to your hair.

By removing the layers of impurities, this step maximizes your hair’s ability to soak up the treatment.

Ever felt your hair is grimy even though you wash it properly? It can be because of excessive silicon deposits.

※As this procedure removes residual alkali (found in hair dye), depending on your hair characteristics this may cause a fading of colour. Please consult our hair professionals if you have hair colour.

Our trial promotion is ongoing since May 25.

Until August 31!!

Try our Sparkling Carbonated Cleansing $100 for:

~FREE with Head Spa ($800)

~FREE with Damage Treatment ($700~$800) NEW

~$50 with Moisturizing Treatment ($500)

Scalp Care $200

Massaging with a collagen-containing whip, the Scalp Care removes excess oil trapped in your pores and moisturizes the scalp, revitalizing the dermis.

Hong Kong’s high humidity makes us susceptible to clogged pores. Recommended for people worried about hair falling out.

This is a popular standalone menu among men and women with short hair.

It is also available as an add-on to other treatments (the Head Spa already includes Scalp Care).

Moisturizing Treatment with Heat Treatment (Take-home Treatment included) $500

Moisturizes the hair and improves texture.

This is recommended for customers who do not have a lot of damage, but wishes to have regular salon maintenance.

Damage Repair Treatment(Take-home Treatment included) $700  NEW

A 5-step intensive damage repair treatment.

Repairing step-by-step from inner layer to outer layer, the treatment works to restore your hair’s natural ability to retain moisture.

The powerful CMC treatment repairs and binds moisture in the inner tissue of the hair, making it suitable for people with highly-damaged hair.

The treatment is sufficiently effective without heat treatment.

Damage Repair Treatment with Heat Treatment(Take-home Treatment included) $800  NEW

This is the same as the above Damage Repair Treatment, coupled with heat treatment using fine steam.

Recommended for people who want to spend that extra bit of time maximizing the treatment effect.

Head Spa (Take-home Treatment included) $800

A 4-step all-round treatment including scalp care, damage repair and moisturizing.

Suitable for people wanting to maintain both the scalp and hair.

The above prices all are exclusive of Shampoo & Blow charges.

If you are not combining the treatments with a Hair Cut (Shampoo & Blow included), we will charge an additional Shampoo & Blow fee.

Shampoo & Blow charges:

Director                         $250

Top Stylist                     $250 → $150 when coupled with another menu

Decisions decisions…

Not sure which treatment is best for you? Don’t worry, consult our experienced stylists in-store!

Our fully-qualified hair professionals will advise you based on your hair type and your concerns.

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