Nail & Lash Combo Promotion!

Introducing our new <Eyelash Extension & Soft Gel Nail> combo!

100 lash extensions usually $1,100 + Pedi soft gel (1 colour) $950 totalling $2,050 is newly on offer for $1,850, giving you a $200 savings.

And to celebrate the launch of our combo, until October 31 you only need to pay $1,600!

What’s more, you can combine this with our ongoing online booking promotion, also on till October 31, to get an additional 10% off. 

That means that you can purchase the combo for as little as $1,440!

If you were intending to do lashes, you can get your pedi pampered for just $340.

If you were intending to do feet, you only need to add an extra $490 to get a full set of glamorous lashes.

As we finish the pedi on the lash bed after a good soak and pampering in the foot bath, it only takes about 2 hours to have both procedures done, and is perfect for the busy elegant woman!

No more mascara with eyelash extensions (^_^)

Carte Blanche 日本人アイリストネイリスト

A little bit of care makes your feet look rejuventated!


We have prepared 4 combos with 100 or 120 eyelash extensions, and pedi gel (1 colour, cuticle & heel care) with / without soft gel removal:

Combo 1:100 lashes + Pedi (no removal) $2,050 → for a limited time $1,600
Combo 2:100 lashes + Pedi (with removal) $2,250 → for a limited time $1,800
Combo 3:120 lashes + Pedi (no removal) $2,150 → for a limited time $1,700
Combo 4:120 lashes + Pedi (with removal) $2,350ドル → for a limited time $1,900

And don’t forget, if you book online you get an extra 10% off from the above price (under Salon menu, don’t forget to key in the WEBSP promo code!!)

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

*Regular patrons in possession of free removal ticket may use the ticket.
*Apart from the removal ticket, this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
*For customers with existing appointments who wish to change to combo, please contact our reception desk either by telephone 27391966 or Whatsapp 61699950.

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