October Monthly Design Gel Nails

Our popular fixed price monthly design nails for October are now out, with dashes of trend art!

The fixed-price design soft gel nails are well suited for people worried about the optional art costs soaring or don’t want to spend a lot of time choosing elaborate designs.

Of course, we have both simpler designs and bespoke designs.

For the monthly designs, you are able to choose from more than 100 gel colours we have in store!

What’s more, for bookings to October 31, book online using the promo code WEBSP and get 10% off all nail and lash menus, including our monthly designs!

And now for the designs…


$790 for Simple Course soft gel mani

Carte Blanche Monthly Gel Simple 1

Sharp and elegant


Carte Blanche Monthly Gel Simple 2

Delicate hand-drawn flowers


Carte Blanche Monthly Gel Simple 3

The simple lines make for cute nails

$890 for Art Course soft gel mani

Carte Blanche Monthly Gel Art 1-01



Carte Blanche Monthly Gel Art 2

Cheek nails are the in thing!


Carte Blanche Monthly Gel Art 3

Choose from the 3 ghost designs for Halloween!

$820 for gel pedi

Carte Blanche Monthly Pedi 1

Perfect for fall!

The next 3 designs match the hand nails♪

Carte Blanche Monthly Pedi 2

A refreshing look with the blue tone

Carte Blanche Monthly Pedi 3

Using pink gives a cute feel


Carte Blanche Monthly Pedi 4

Sweet all the way to the toes!


Since the pedi gels last 6 – 8 weeks, we change the pedi designs every two months.

Check out other designs and colours in our staff blog (sorry available only in Japanese language).

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