Nail & Lash Promotions for New Customers

We’ve added some new promotions for nail & lash.

New customer promotion to November 30.

Eyelash Extensions 30% Off

Carte Blanche Lashes

Lashes are adhered one-to-one on the natural lashes, and in Japanese style, deliberately about 1~2mm away from the skin for safety and hygiene.

You only have to comb your lash extensions in the morning and then off you go ♡

Nails: One Colour OR French $490

Includes stones of your choice to one finger on each hand.

Carte Blanche Nails 2

Design your own stones

Carte Blanche Nails 1

Pick from a range of over 100 gel colours♪


We follow the highest Japanese standards in nail care for longer-lasting beautiful nails.

Notice the difference at Carte Blanche!

This promotion is to November 30.


For other promotions to October 31click here

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