November Nail & Lash Promotion

Here are our promotions for November!

※Please note our hair promotion for 2015 has ended. Thank you for your support.


Promo① New Customer Trial Price: Single colour OR French $490 by Joby

Get classic fingertips ♪ New customers can enjoy either single colour or French nails for only $490.

The price includes stones of your choice on 1 finger each hand.

Joby One Colour Promo

Choose from over 100 soft gel colours

Joby French Promo

Great look even for a conservative office


Promo② Soft Gel Art $790~$890 by Tephy

Experience fantastic gel art with Tephy, a great artist!

Choose from the following 5 patterns – of course all of them are hand-drawn.

Tephy Promo 790

$790 patterns

Tephy Promo 890

$890 patterns


Promo③ Art Bonanza $990  by Junco & Mii

Do as much art as you want for a fixed price!

Gel art, 3D art, stones are all included, in a 2.5 hour course (includes removal and care).

☆All courses include free soft gel removal, usually $200.

☆Staff designation charges are waived for the promotion.


Eyelash Extension

New customer 30% off!

Carte Blanche Lashes

We suggest a design that’s just right for you


☆Should you wish to designate a particular Eye Designer, a $100 staff designation charge applies.

☆Please mention the promotion at time of booking.

Also check out our year-round specials: monthly nail designs and nail & lash combo!

24 hour online booking available.


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