Japanese New Year nails

Japanese New Year nail design out now!

Modern Japanese follow the Western New Year calendar, but like the Chinese, the new year has a lot of significance for us.

We will be busy in the coming days preparing our houses for the dawn of the new year (^^)


Here is a nail design that will get you into that new year mood!

Seasonal soft gel design $890, all hand painted, including Japanese style wet cuticle care.

カルトブランシュ お正月ネイル

A very Japanese new year design


According to Japanese folklore, rabbits on the moon make “mochi”, a rice cake essential in new year festivities (*´艸`*)

The rabbit is flanked by the mark of the plum blossom – another symbol of the new year.

Already one customer has chosen this design today ♡

Carte Blanche Japanese New Years Nail

Looks good even with shorter nails


Please take note that due to minor renovation works, we will be closed January 1 ~ 5 inclusive.

We will be answering calls but we will open for business as usual on January 6.

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