February Monthly Design Nails

Our popular fixed price monthly design nails for February are now out!

The sample tips have vibrant colours in anticipation of the long-awaited Spring v(^^)v

The fixed-price design soft gel nails are well suited for people worried about the optional art costs soaring or don’t want to spend a lot of time choosing elaborate designs.

Of course, we have both simpler designs and bespoke designs.

For the monthly designs, you are able to choose from more than 100 gel colours we have in store!

We offer soft gel nail designs usually valued at $1,000 ~ $1,500 for:

$790 Simple Course

$890 Art Course

$820 Pedi Course (heel care is an optional add on for the monthly specials)

$790 for Simple Course soft gel mani

2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Simple 1-01

Cute dots!


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Simple 2-01

Vibrant and bold


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Simple 3-01

Match those stripes and buttons

$890 for Art Course soft gel mani

2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Art 1-01

An understated rich St Valentine’s design with dripping chocolate and velvet nails


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Art 2-01

A sweet chocolate ice cream for St Valentine’s!


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Art 3-01

A luxe design with hand-painted flowers

$820 for Gel Pedi

The four of the five pedi designs match the mani designs.

2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Pedi 1-01

Great for open toe shoes


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Pedi 3-01

Something different – looks good on short toes too


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Pedi 4-01

Plenty of colour


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Pedi 2-01

Elegant flowers


2016.02 カルトブランシュ日系ネイルサロン Pedi 5-01

Sweet x animal print


Since the pedi gels last 6 – 8 weeks, we change the pedi designs every two months.

Optional heel care is available for an extra $100.

Check out other designs and colours in our staff blog (sorry available only in Japanese language).

We look forward to your visit (^^)

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