June Promotion Nail & Lash

Our Spring Promotion ended yesterday!

A big thank you to all the customers who chose us for their one-stop beauty partner (^^)


Our June promotion does not include hair, but we are continuing our great nail and lash promos!

Weekday Single Colour Soft Gel Pedi $490

◇ Limited to one colour(provided it is within the appointment time, optional stones can be added with additional charge)
◇ Promotion is limited to our manicurist Rieko
◇ Available time slots are 10:30~ and 14:00~ on weekdays – yes, it’s very limited!!
◇ Soft gel removal normally $200 included
◇ Heel care optional add on normally $100 → $50

Additionally…when doing together with your gel mani or eyelash extensions, get $100 off and do it for just $390!!

Ladies, lets ready your feet for the beach (^o^)/

Carte Blanche カルトブランシュ JNA本部認定講師Mii作 フット

Just one simple colour makes your feet gorgeous

Soft gel pedi nails typically look beautiful for 6~8 weeks(^^)

Weekday Lash Extension First Time Trial Price $400~

◇ J or C curl eyelash extensions, 80 lashes (40/40) normally $900→$400, 100 lashes (50/50) normally $1100→$580
◇ Promotion limited to Josie and Venus (not applicable to Chika and Mai)
◇ Other store removal normally $200 included


Carte Blanche カルトブランシュ 美睫毛 まつげエクステンション まつエク 80本

Example of 80 lashes


And just for comparison…

Carte Blanche カルトブランシュ 美睫毛 まつげエクステンション まつエク 日本人アイリストChika作 100本

NOT available on promotion – 120 lashes


It is quite difficult to tell on photo, but the difference is more stark in real life.
80 gives a more natural finish, 100 a more glamorous finish.
In both cases, the selection of length and thickness of the extensions – of which we have many – changes the style significantly.

Please use the counselling time to discuss your needs with our eyelash beauticians!

We look forward to seeing you\(^o^)/

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