July Promotion

<Please note a change has been made to this post, in blue writing. For new lash customers having already made bookings to date, we will apply the promotional price automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience.>


It’s a long weekend, hurray!

We are announcing this month’s promotion♡

All promotions are limited to weekdays.


Most of our promotions require the customer to mention the promotion at the time of booking, or the full price is charged.

Please ensure you don’t miss out by mentioning that you saw the “Homepage Promotion”!!


First time lash customers can enjoy a trial price for J curl and C curl eyelash extensions.

100 lashes normally $1,100 → $580

120 lashes normally $1,200→ $680

The promotional price also includes other-store removal normally $200.

No senior staff designation available.

Carte Blanche カルトブランシュ 美睫毛 まつげエクステンション まつエク 日本人アイリストChika作 100本

120 lashes♪



This month we have a little gift for our regular hair customers who choose a menu over $1,000.

Until stocks last!



Rieko’s promotion ends this month!

Available at 10:30 and 14:00 on weekdays:

Hand pre-designed soft gel nails $490

Foot one colour soft gel nails $490

The price is inclusive of soft gel removal normally $200.

As Rieko is away in Japan till the 12th, there’s only 11 days left!



An example of the predesigned nails


Mix and match the pre-designs and colours to match your style!


We look forward to your visit (^^)

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