Summer Promotion!

We have a lot of specials on for the Summer holiday season!

■Promo①For regular and new customers! ■

Spend over $1,000 on any combination of hair, nail, eyelash extension and eyebrow styling service(s) on a weekday to enjoy 20% off!

This promotion can be enjoyed by all customers, but please note it is only applicable on weekdays.

Get everything done under one roof♡


■Promo②Super Special Discounts! ■

□First 10 customers! Due to the revamping of our treatment line up, get Milbon Linkage moisture treatment usually $500→$250

□Our new Japanese style eyebrow styling menu is growing very popular! To make it easier for customers to come back for maintenance, we are offering the maintenance menu usually $350→$200!


■Promo③New Customer Trial Prices■

□Soft Gel Nail

Mani $500 (One colour, glitter gradation or French)

Pedi $600 (One colour or glitter gradation)

Removal of soft gel usually $200 is also free with this promotion (hard gel is $400 → $200).

Simply beautiful with professional cuticle care


□Eyelash Extension

J or C curl 100 strands $1100→$780

3D Volume Lash 100bundles (300 strands) $1400→$980

Other store extension removal usually $200 is also free with this promotion.

From natural to party style, there’s a style to suit you♬


Also check out the super special Junior Eye Designer promotion here

□Eyebrow Styling

First time price with counseling $450→$300

Have a professional eyebrow stylist look at your facial bone structure for brows that suit you best


Other soft gel and eyelash extensions are available for first time customers at 20% off!

Nail art menus are 20% off



■Terms and conditions■

・Promotions ①, ② and ③ cannot be used in conjunction. The cheapest amongst the applicable prices will be applied.

・The Milbon Linkage treatment menu does not include shampoo and blow dry. For standalone orders, a shampoo and blow dry fee will apply.

・Eye Designers for Volume Lash is limited. For customers wishing to have volume lashes, please mention to our reservation staff at time of booking.

The promotional price will be applied when the coupon is shown to our technical staff in-store (no printing is required if on smartphone). To avoid misunderstanding, please present the coupon even when you have mentioned the use of the promotion at time of booking.



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