February New Customer Promotion

Hello everyone!

This month we have both Valentine’s and Chinese New Year so we will be extremely busy between February 3rd and 15th ガーンガーンガーン

If you wish to visit us during this time, please be sure to book ahead.


And now, for this month’s new customer promotion!

For 10 days only! On February 1、2、19、20、21、22、23、26、27、28

New Customers spending over $1,000 on services enjoy 20% off!!

■We will be prioritizing our regular customers over the CNY peak period, thus the promotion is limited to the above 10 days.

■To qualify for the discount, the discount coupon at the end of this article must be presented in store.


For example…

Hair cut & colour normally $1250~ will become $1000~


Shellac gel manicure + pedicure normally $1300 will become $1040

Below are Valentine nails! A similar design is offered in this month’s monthly design for $890. How about doing together with a hair trim to qualify for the discount?チョコがけハート


For eyelash extensions,

Single Lash 120 strands normally $1200~ will become $960~

Volume Lash 120 bundles normally $1400~ will become $1120~


What’s more, other store soft gel and other store lash removal normally $200 will be offered free! (Regular prices apply for standalone removal)

Hard gel or acrylic removal normally $400 will be offered for $200.


As long as the bookings are on the same day, you are of course free to combine any of the servicesラブラブ


Facials normally $500, and…

Eyebrow Styling normally $450…

…are also eligible for discounts if combined to be over $1,000ラブ


Lastly, as the 目Super Special目 , enjoy the optional add on Bottom Lash Extensions normally $400 for $200 (i.e. 50% off instead of 20% off)!!

Since this is an add on menu, please combine with an upper lash menu.


You can enjoy the trial price for each of the hair, nail, eyelash extension, eyebrow styling and facial services, so if you’ve always been our hair salon guest but never tried nails, you can still enjoy the first time price チュー


リボンPromotion Conditionsリボン

We have a coupon system for our promotions. 

While you are most welcome to make inquiries regarding promotions, and even if you mention the use of coupon at time of booking, you are still required to show the coupon (screenshot on smartphone accepted) in store.

Our staff will not apply the promotional price unless you show the coupon in store. 


■February New Customer Promotion conditions

※Limited to the following 10 days: February 1,2,19,20,21,22,23,26,27,28

※20% off for same day rack rate spending of over $1000 for first time menu(s)

※Presentation of coupon at start of session is required

※First time prices are offered on each of the 5 services lines: hair, nail, eyelash extesions, eyebrow styling, facial

※Should you require eyelash or gel/acrylic nail removal, please mention at time of booking regardless of whether it is a free item, as this affects the duration of your session. Promotional prices are as follows when used in conjunction with the relevant service (promotional price not available for standalone removal): Soft gel $200→free, hard gel / acrylic $400→$200, eyelash extension $200→free.

■New Customer Discount Coupon

ダウンPromotional price for new customers applies when the following coupon is shown in store prior to start of session!ダウン


Other notes  → Your First Visit

※We will be closed for CNY on Feb 16~18 inclusive.

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