February Line Friend Promotion

This month we have both Valentine’s and Chinese New Year so we will be extremely busy between February 3rd and 15th ガーンガーンガーン

If you wish to visit us during this time, please be sure to book ahead.

Here’s this month’s Line Friend promotion!

For Line Friends Only

If you register as a Line Friend, both regular and new customers can enjoy the following select facial, eyebrow and optional bottom lash extensions at a promotional price!

Unlike other promotions, these are available on weekends tooキラキラ

Bottom lash extensions 10/10 strands $400 → $200

Basic reset facial $500 → $350

Eyebrow styling (first visit w counselling) $450→$350 、 Maintenance $350→$250

As bottom lashes are an optional menu, please combine with upper lashes.


The Line Friend promotion is valid on all days in February except February 16~18 when our store will be closed for Chinese New Year.

It’s possible to decide on the spot, but please do note that our store will be very busy before Chinese New Year.

Additionally, spaces for eyebrow styling and facials are limited.

We suggest you to book ahead to avoid dissapointmentチュー

Register for Line Friends here → Line Friend registration

If you are already a Line Friend, please expect a broadcast on the morning of Feb 1!

Unsure how to go about registration? Ask in store!


リボンPromotion Conditionsリボン

We have a coupon system for our promotions. 

While you are most welcome to make inquiries regarding promotions, and even if you mention the use of coupon at time of booking, you are still required to show the coupon (screenshot on smartphone accepted) in store.

Our staff will not apply the promotional price unless you show the coupon in store. 


■Line Friend Promotion conditions

※Line Friend promotion is available on weekdays and weekends

※Customers with Point Packages can pay using points. Each $100 discount is counted as a 1pt discount.

※Please present the Line coupon in store before payment to qualify for the discount.

※Coupon can be used once per person.



Other notes  → Your First Visit

※We will be closed for CNY on Feb 16~18 inclusive.

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