May’s Best Promotion: Get those toes out with our Pedi Gel special!

It’s getting quite humid in Hong Kong and we’re all changing into our open toe heels and sandals 💦


Do you feel like you left your toes in disrepair during the cooler months?

Feeling like pampering them to show them off for the coming Summer?

Well we have good news for you!


To celebrate the joining of our new Nail Designer Kanoko, we are offering Pedi Soft Gel normally $850

for just $500!!

The price includes cuticle care and heel care♥


We’re also throwing in free soft gel removal normally $200. (However, due to the need for a longer appointment time, please mention at time of booking if you require removal).

Hard gel removal normally $400 is offered for $200.


Pedi gels last for a good 6-8 weeks so it’s a fabulous deal ( ゚Д゚)


What’s more!

Slap on some mani gels at the same time to get an extra $100 off your pedi bill  → $400


And even more…!

Line Friends presenting a Line Coupon gets an extra $50 off

That means Line Friends enjoy:

Pedi Soft Gel (standalone) $850→$500→$450

Pedi Soft Gel (when combined with Mani Soft Gel) $850→$400→$350


This promotion is available on the following days with Kanoko (last booking time ~15:00):

May 3, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 25, 28, 29


Just getting a bit of care transforms your toes♪

We have approximately 200 gel colours to choose from so have some fun picking out your colour(^^)


Also, we have made the menu available online:

May Foot Soft Gel 1 Colour Promotion (no removal)

May Foot Soft Gel 1 Colour Promotion (with soft gel removal)

The price is shown as $500. If you qualify for a further discount, we will adjust the bill in store.

★Book Here★


🎀Terms and Conditions🎀

※Promotion available on the following days in May: 3, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 25, 28, 29

※Service to be provided by Kanoko

※Due to limited availability, please mention the “Pedi Promotion” at the time of booking.

※As availability differs, please ensure to mention at time of booking if you require gel removal. Promotional price for removal is as follows: soft gel $200→free, hard gel/acrylic$400→$200.

※To avail of the Line Friend offer, please present the Line Coupon. To register and obtain the Line Coupon ★click here★.


Other notes  → Your First Visit



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