☆June’s Special Promo☆ Kanoko’s Nail Special for Regular and New Customers!

We are announcing Part II of Kanoko’s nail special, which was extremely popular in May!!

Both regular and new customers can enjoy this offer!


The promotional price is offered during the following 11 days in June (last booking ~15:00):

June 1 (Fri), 4 (Mon), 5 (Tue), 8 (Fri), 11 (Mon), 12 (Tue), 16日 (Sat), 19日 (Tue), 23日(Sat), 25日 (Mon), 26 (Tue).


As this is limited to 11 days, and due to Part I of the promotion having been almost fully booked in May, we recommend and early booking照れ


【Mani Gel $500up】

Single Colour normally $650 → $500

Glittler Gradation normally $680 → $500

Combination of Single Colour and Glitter Gradation → $550


Additionally you can choose these optional extras:

+$100 for 5 stones per each hand (10 stones total)

+$50 to add one colour

These are all 5 stone designs!


Single Colour $500


Single Colour x Glitter Gradation mix $550


Mix + Stones $650


There’s a lot of room to play around even with these simple designs, and your hands will be sure to look beautiful after a proper Japanese style cuticle care 照れ


【Pedi Gel $600】

Single Colour normally $850 → $600!!

The price includes cuticle and heel careラブ


A great manicured look ラブ


What’s more! All menus come with free soft gel removal (prior booking required). Hard gel removal normally $400 is offered for $200.


And… even more!


Registered Line Friends can get $50 off by using the Line coupon!


This means…

For mani Single Colour $650→$500→$450 31%OFF

For pedi Single Colour $850→$600→$550 25%OFF



We have made this promotional menu available for online bookingPC


June Hand Soft Gel Kanoko Promotion (no removal)

June Hand Soft Gel Kanoko Promotion (with soft gel removal)


June Foot Soft Gel Kanoko Promotion (no removal)

June Foot Soft Gel Kanoko Promotion (with soft gel removal)


Online booking prices are shown as $500 for mani, $600 for pedi.

Optional extras as well as Line Friend discounts will be adjusted for in store.

Please do make sure to choose the “with soft gel removal” option if you need removal!


★Click here for Internet Booking★


リボンPromotion terms and conditionsリボン

※Promotion availability: June 1 (Fri), 4 (Mon), 5 (Tue), 8 (Fri), 11 (Mon), 12 (Tue), 16日 (Sat), 19日 (Tue), 23日(Sat), 25日 (Mon), 26 (Tue).

※Nail Designer will be Kanoko.

※Please mention “Kanoko’s Promotion” at time of booking.

※Only optional extras mentioned in article are available.

※Due to difference in session time, please ensure to mention need for removal at time of booking, if necessary. Promotional offer is as follows: Soft gel removal$200→free, hard gel/acrylic removal$400→$200.

※To enjoy the Line Friend offer, please show the Line Coupon in-store. To register click ★here★. For already-registered customers, we will be broadcasting the coupon on May 31/June 1.


Other notes → Your first visit

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