New Customer Nail Promotion! First up is Kanoko’s Promotion

All new customer promotions can be viewed ♥here♥ but we’ve had requests for more information on the nail promotions. So, first up here are the details of Kanoko’s promotion, available to July 20!!


Mani gel promotional price (including Japanese style wet cuticle care) $500〜

Pedi gel promotional price (including Japanese style wet cuticle care and heel care) $600~



Available dates:July 9, 10, 13日, 16日, 17日, 20日

Booking times: 10:30 ~ around 15:00

As this is only available with Kanoko, please mention “Kanoko’s promotion” at time of booking. 



Hand menu 


First choose your base!

・Single colour $500 (Choose from approx 200 colours)

・Glitter gradation $500 (Choose from approx 70 glitters)

・Colour gradation $500 (Choose from 10 colours)


The 10 gradation colours are here, all with a Summer feel 浮き輪


If you want simple nice clean nails, you need only go so far as the $500 deal!!


And here are the optional extras! キラキラ

・Combination of 2 base patterns +$50 (select 2 different colours)

・Bi-colour +$50

・Adding 5 stones each hand (10 stones total) +$100

※Please note that no other optional extras are provided for this promotion.


For example…

Nice and simple single colour $500


Single colour + colour gradation combination $550ラブ

Single colour + glitter gradation combination $550

Single colour + glitter gradation combination with stone $650


Pedi menu

Single colour $600

Bi-colour $650


Single colour $600

Bi-colour $650

For convenience we have added Kanoko’s menu to our online booking → Online Booking


We look forward to your visit チュー

Next time we’ll be uploading more details about JNA accredited trainer Mii’s promotion starting July 21!


※Available dates: 9th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 20th (last booking around 3pm)

※Should you require eyelash or gel/acrylic nail removal, please mention as this affects the duration of your session. Promotional prices are as follows (promotional price not available for standalone removal): Soft gel $200→free, hard gel / acrylic $400→$200.

※We accept booking cancellations and changes free of charge to 18:00 the day prior to your booking. Also please note that in order to not disrupt the next customer’s booking, we reserve the right to change/shorten a menu when the customer arrives more than 15 minutes late.

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