August Weekday New Customer Promotion

We are announcing our August weekday new customer promotion!

Get your smartphones ready to screenshot the discount coupon at the end of the article!

Check out both the regular promotion and super promotion belowポーンポーン


※You can enjoy the trial price for each of the hair, nail, eyelash extension, eyebrow styling and facial services, so if you’ve always been our hair salon guest but never tried nails, you can still enjoy the first time price照れ


Now, the details!!


♥ All menus 20% off  ♥

You’re free to mix and match menus, whether it’s cut & colour, nail & lash, etc etc!


Protect against UV damage with whitening facialsハート


Get pedi gel to go perfectly with your sandalsマニキュア

Eyelash extensions are good for people who like water sports サーフィン


There’s a lot to try outブルーハーツブルーハーツ


What’s more we’ve got a few super promotions too! (20% discount above not applicable)バレエ

♥ Scalp Care ♥

Feeling like the pores on your scalp are clogging from the heat?

Scalp care $200 → $100

Headspa (scalp care + hair treatment) $900 → $600

※Both menus are exclusive of shampoo & blow dry. If you do not have a hair cut, separate shampoo & blow dry charges will apply.


♥ Whitening Facial ♥

Get whitening facials to protect against the UV rays!

Whitening Facial $700 → $500

Pulse Machine Whitening Facial $900 → $600


♥ 30% off for select 2 menus ♥

Combine 2 or more mani gel nail, pedi gel nail or eyelash extension menus to enjoy 30% off!


For rack rates → ◆check our regular prices here◆


リボンPromotion Conditionsリボン

We have a coupon system for our promotions.

While you are most welcome to make inquiries regarding promotions, and even if you mention the use of coupon at time of booking, you are still required to show the coupon (screenshot on smartphone accepted, except Line coupons where applicable that must be presented in-app) in store.

Our staff will not apply the promotional price unless you show the coupon in store.


※For weekday visits to August 31. Please note that a change from a weekday to weekend booking will involve and automatic change to regular pricing.

※Presentation of coupon at start of session is required.

※First time prices are offered on each of the 5 services lines: hair, nail, eyelash extesions, eyebrow styling, facial.

※Nail and Lash senior staff designation attract a $100 (rack rate) senior staff designation fee.

※Should you require eyelash or gel/acrylic nail removal, please mention at time of booking regardless of whether it is a free item, as this affects the duration of your session. Promotional prices are as follows when used in conjunction with the relevant service (promotional price not available for standalone removal): Soft gel $200→free, hard gel / acrylic $400→$200, eyelash extension $200→free.

※We accept booking cancellations and changes free of charge to 18:00 the day prior to your booking. Also please note that in order to not disrupt the next customer’s booking, we reserve the right to change/shorten a menu when the customer arrives more than 15 minutes late.

※Please note other conditions as described above, within this article.


■New Customer Discount Coupon

ダウンPromotional price for new customers applies when the following coupon is shown in store prior to start of session!ダウン

Other notes  → Your First Visit


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