Musee Collaboration Offer

Announcing Part II of our collaboration with Musee Platinum Tokyo!!


This month we are offering customers who


Spend over $1600 on services on a single visit OR purchase a Point Package


Have never visited Musee Platinum Tokyo…

Free hair removal OR Free slimming coupons at Musee Platinum Tokyo!


The offer is available to 80 customers on a first-come-first-serve basisてへぺろ


I also have been a customer at Musee a very long time ago!

Both hair removal and adding hair (eyelash extensions) are very convenient ルンルン


Need a hair removal? Go to Musee Platinum Tokyoビキニ


Need eyelash extensions? Come on over to Carte Blanche 付けまつげ


Let’s enjoy the convenience and the time it saves for our other activities ラブ

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