New Customer Super Nail & Lash Promotion


The weather is getting nice and mild isn’t it? 口笛


The popular Super Promotion by our junior eye and nail designers have entered its second month!

This promotion is available to new lash and/or nail customers on weekdays to October 31. けろけろけろっぴ

♥Eyelash Extensions♥

J or C curl Single Lashes 100 strands (50 each side) $1,100→$650!

J or C curl Single Lashes 120 strands (60 each side) $1,200→$750!

That’s a whopping $450 offポーン


And there’s a deal for bottom lashes too!

20 strands(10 each side)$400→$200


The fluffy natural look is what’s great about eyelash extensionsラブラブ

Looks great from any angle おーっ!


♥Gel Nail♥

Mani single colour $650→$400
Mani French $750→$450
Pedi single colour $850→$550


Nails are up to $300 off びっくり

… And of course, they all include our signature Japanese style cuticle care. Pedi includes heel care.


Clean cuticles and a simple coat of colour make your hands feel rejuvenated キラキラ


For French you can choose to have it as is or with a glitter line (usually extra charge) for the same price!


It’s always fun choosing colours for pedi ブルーハート


※This promotion is on offer to new customers on weekdays only. If you are our hair customer but never tried nails, or our nail customer but never tried eyelash extensions, you can still avail of this promotion!

※As this promotion is limited to certain staff, please mention “Super Promotion” at time of booking.

※No staff requests.

※Other store removal normally $200~$400 is provided free of charge, but please be sure to mention at time of booking as this affects the length of your appointment and our availability.

※No optional add ons such as nail art are offered under this promotion. We thank you for your understanding in advance.

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