December and January store opening hours

Before you know it we’re already approaching year end.


Carte Blanche will be open all days through to the end of the year!


Due to the Christmas peak season, our extended operating hours for hair will be reduced for December.

The late shift is as follows.


Also, we will close 2 hours early, at 18:00, on Christmas Day.


For January, we will be closed for New Years festivities on January 1, 2, and 3. We will reopen for business from January 4.

We will be accepting reservations during this time (for phone calls we will call back).


As for Christmas, every year we become very heavily booked from the second week of December.

During this period, we do have every staff on duty, and also refrain from offering trial prices for new customers in order to better service our regular customers, however we inevitably have to turn away many bookings.

We strongly recommend you to book early if you need to prepare for an important event.


Also, during the peak period between December 11th and 24th, please note that for late changes and cancellations (beyond 18:00 the day prior to booking), regardless of whether a late charge fee applies, we will only accept booking changes to December 25 or later. We continue of course to accept booking changes to 18:00 the day prior to your booking with no restrictions, as usual.


We do still have new customers promotions for a limited number of days, as well as special Christmas promotions for both regular and new customers, so please check those out too!

The Carte Blanche team looks forward to your visit♪


※The cut off time for stylists on late shift will be: men’s cut 20:00, ladies’ cut 19:30, cut & colour 19:00 (earlier cut off times apply for double colour and highlights, please enquire). For stylists on the regular shift, the cut off times are 1 hour earlier.

※As the stylist on late shift will come in 1 hour later, the first booking for the day will be 11:00.

※Reception staff looking after the billing will continue to leave at 20:00. Please be advised that for last cut customers we will ask for billing prior to the session, while other customers will be asked to settle the bill around 19:40, to allow reception staff to go home.

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