Regular and New Customers! Nail & Lash Christmas Promotion!

We’ve prepared a Christmas Promotion for nail & lash that can be enjoyed by both regular and new customers!!

This promotion is available on all weekdays throughout December チュー

Due to the heavy discounting, please note staff designation is not accepted for this promotion.


To enjoy the offer, please mention the “Christmas Promotion” at time of booking.

And now for the details!


LASH: For NEW sets

Single Lash 100 strands $1100→$800

Single Lash 120 strands $1200→$900

Single Lash 140 strands $1400→$1000


You can also add on optional bottom lashes!

Bottom Lash 20 strands $400→$200

Bottom Lash 40 strands $800→$300



GEL NAIL: Inclusive of our signature cuticle care!


Single colour $650→$500

Bi-colour $700→$550

French $750→$600

Foot (inclusive of heel care)

Single colour $850→$650

Bi-colour $900→$700


You can even add petit pre-fixed designs for just $50.


Hand single colour gel $500



Pedi bi-colour gel $700


French $600 – we even throw in the optional glitter line free of charge if you wish!




While not a part of the promotion, do also check out our very popular monthly designs→Monthly Designs

We of course welcome you to bring your own designs!


We look forward to your visitハート


※Available on weekdays in December. A change to weekends will automatically change your menu price to rack rates.

※Please ensure to mention the “Christmas Promotion” at time of booking as staff availability is limited.

※No staff designation accepted.

※Should you require eyelash or gel/acrylic nail removal, please mention at time of booking regardless of whether it is a free item, as this affects the duration of your session. Promotional prices are as follows when used in conjunction with the relevant service (promotional price not available for standalone removal): Soft gel $200→free, hard gel / acrylic $400→$200, eyelash extension $200→free.

※For the Christmas peak season December 11 to 24 inclusive, please note that for late changes and cancellations (beyond 18:00 the day prior to booking), regardless of whether a late charge fee applies, we will only accept booking changes to December 25 or later. We continue to accept booking changes to 18:00 the day prior to your booking with no restrictions, as usual.

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