New Customer Trial Price Promotion from Feb 8

In February we will be offering our NEW CUSTOMER trial price promotion on weekdays starting February 8 (Fri). 

Weekdays any menu 10% off! 20% off for 2 or more menus on the same day(※)!!

(※)The following are not counted as 1 menu:
・【Shampoo & Blow dry】as an add-on menu for hair colour, treatment and perm.
・【Removal】of other store lashes / nails.

Due to the extremely heavy bookings, we are unable to provide the promotion before Chinese New Year アセアセ

For Line Friend exclusive offers that will run throughout the month check out this article



Get over the (repeated!) new year’s party madness with some refreshing treatments!

How about a scalp care or head spa that are popular with both the ladies and the gents?


February is the month to play around with designs for CNY and Valentinesラブラブ


We use the best of the best eyelash extensions for both volume and single lashes.


Popular with the gents too!


Let the skin catch up with some rest…

We look forward to welcoming youチュー



※The New Customer promotion is available on weekdays between February 8th and 28th. A change to ineligible dates will automatically change your menu price to rack rates.

※Please present the below coupon (screenshot) at the start of your session to your technician. If you do not present the coupon, your menu will be charged at rack rates.

※The promotion applies only to services. Products and packages are excluded.

※Senior staff designation for nail and lash bookings attract a Senior Staff fee of $100.

※Director and Top Stylist pricing differ for hair menu.

※Other store removal for nail (soft gel) and lashes normally $200 are free for first time visitors. Hard gel removal attracts a $200 charge. As removal affects booking availability, please ensure to mention the need for removal at time of booking.

※For changes and cancellations, please note the following.

Changes and cancellations are accepted free of charge to 18:00 the day prior to your booking.

For changed and cancellations thereafter, we will not extend the promotional offer for your subsequent visit and rack rates will be charged.

Please refer to our cancellation policy separately, for repeated cases of late changes and cancellations.

Also please be aware that we reserve the right to shorten your menu if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, so as not to adversely affect the next customer.


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