We will be moving in May

Carte Blanche opened its door at Mody House a little over 7 years ago.

We moved in when it was a brand new, spotless and with new infrastructure, and we are grateful to have had a trouble-free time as tenant at this cozy building ルンルン

Although we find it very comfortable at Mody House, we have come to a stage where we have grown a little too big for our two floors, and will be moving to within a mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, in mid-May トラックトラックトラック
Last week we went with our designer to see the place before the official handover date.
The previous tenant’s contractors were there restating the premises to original condition 目
After our move, our hair, and nail/lash/facial services which were separated into two floors will converge into one floor
The new premises will be 50〜60% larger… but who knows how it will look when the walls and furniture are all installed キョロキョロ
In terms of pricing, due to inflationary increases in products, salaries, a significant increase in rent, and new investment in high end equipment, we will be revamping our menu and pricing as of revamping our menu and pricing on May 15, the planned opening date of the new premises.
To cushion the impact for our regular loyal customers we will be introducing a membership system where customers can continue to enjoy current pricing even after our move.
The membership will be open to regular customers (>3 visits) who have / will have visited us between February 1 and May 14 and/or customers with packagesバレエ
We will be informing our customers in store in the coming days おねがい
Carte Blanche will be significantly upgrading its infrastructure, with high end equipment imported from Japan, so look forward to the updates !おーっ!

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