Carte Blanche Membership Card

Hello キラキラ

As we have begun to inform our customers in store, we will move on May 15 to Mira Place 2 from our current cozy home Mody Houseバレエ

At the same time, we will be revamping our menu and pricing, taking into account multiple factors such as rent and cost increases, as well as investment in new infrastructure.

Some prices will not change, however, there will be a price hike for many of our services particularly for hair …上矢印アセアセ


As a sign of our great appreciation to our regular customers who have supported us over the years, we have introduced a membership program that is aimed at protecting our loyal customersラブラブ

Customers with a Carte Blanche membership card can continue to enjoy our services at the current (pre-relocation) prices until 30 April 2020おーっ!

And of course we are planning of more goodies to follow after April 2020!グラサン

In fact it’s a fabulous deal as you get to enjoy the better facilities at the same price チュー


Here’s the membership card ルンルン (please turn a blind eye to the fact that your name needs to be handwritten…!)

We’ve started to hand them out since Friday afternoon!


If you meet any of the conditions below you’re eligible to become a member:

チューリップRegular customers : Customers who have visited / will visit us between Feb 1 and May 14(※1, 2)

チューリップNew customers : Customers who have visited us for the first time after Jan 4 and who have visited / will visit us for the third time within six months of the first visit

(e.g. First visit on Jan 4→visit for third time by Jul 3 to become member; First visit on May 14→visit for third time by Nov 13 to become member)

チューリップAll customers : Anyone who has an existing package as at May 14

※1 We define a regular customer as a customer who has visited us three or more times.

※2 For regular customers who visited us between Feb 1 and Mar 15 and who have not received a card, a card will be kept for you for your next visit


Haven’t been visiting us for a little while? Make sure to visit before May 14 to be eligible for membership野球

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