April Monthly Gel Nail Designs

Our popular fixed price monthly design nails for April are now out!流れ星


The fixed-price design soft gel nails are well suited for people worried about the optional art costs soaring or don’t want to spend a lot of time choosing elaborate designs.

Of course, we have both simpler designs and bespoke designs.

For the monthly designs, you are able to choose from approximately 200 gel colours we have in store! お願いキラキラ


We offer soft gel nail designs usually valued at $1,000 ~ $1,500 for:

$790 Simple Course

$890 Art Course

$820 Pedi Course (heel care is an optional add on @$100 for the monthly specials)

All courses include our signature Japanese cuticle care that not only makes your hands look perfectly manicured, but ensures better nail health and longer lasting gelsチョキ

Senior staff charges are $100 higher than the above, if you opt to designate a senior staff.


$790 for Simple Course soft gel mani

A very Spring design perfect for Aprilビックリマーク

A gorgeous yet understated mix of flowers, glitter and stonesコスモス

Tiny flowers and silver glitter lines reflect the Japanese trend for the season ピンク薔薇

Can’t take your eye off ラブ

Our pop design for this month 音譜

Great for ladies wanting a different look 目


$890 for Art Course soft gel mani

A great mix of shells and chainsキラキラ

The mix of colours add to the happy feelingアップアップ

This design comes with a generous dollop of hand-drawn flowersチュー

A classy subdued style チューリップオレンジ

This one looks like a colourful mix of soap bubbles!

You’ll be gazing at it all day 照れ


$820 for soft gel pedi

We change our pedi designs every two months. Here are our April ~ May pedi designs!

You can also add optional heel care for $100.


A retro cute look ビックリマーク

The gold lines add a great accent 宝石ブルー

A pretty marble look – what’s more you can choose from two slightly different styles流れ星

A cute strawberry design いちごハート

For a more milky look you can choose matte colours お願い

How about some bling on your toes 星

Bling never fails to uplift a girl’s day おとめ座キラキラ

Lace and gold line gives this half-French design a sexy look キスマーク


Check out other designs and colours in our staff blog (sorry the blog itself is available only in Japanese language).

We look forward to your visit (^^)

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