15 days left! Nail & Lash Promotion

Due to popular demand, we extended both our nail and lash promotions by one month, but they are coming to an end!


By asking for Shoko, both new and regular customers can enjoy 30% OFF for NEW SET!!
We thank all the customers who came in for this popular promotion.

With 30% off you can get…

Party girl look ☆ 160 lashes normally $1600 → $1120

Gorgeous natural look ☆ 120 lashes normally $1200 → $840

Refreshing natural look ☆ 80 lashes normally $900 → $630

For our regular customers usually doing a refill, you can take this opportunity to freshen up with a brand new set ♡

Lashes by Shoko, experienced in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong, are popular for their natural finish.

2015.04 Carte Blanche Lash

Spring Natural Look


To welcome the coming on board of our new manicurists, we are offering

Fixed-Price Monthly Design Nails (worth ~$1000) for not the usual $790~$890 but just $490!!

Simple Course $790, Art Course $890, Pedi Course $820 are all offered at the same $490 price.

As you can choose from over 100 gel colours, even with the same design you can create your original look.

The below is an example of the Art Course with two different colour schemes.


Elegant Brown now $490


Sweet Pink now $490

All our manicurists are JNA-qualified so you can sit back and relax.

For all the designs, please refer to our Japanese staff blog:


Lastly, this is not available at promotional price, but since we took a nice photo yesterday of EMI’s new work we share it♪

The delicate yet cute gel floral art is perfect for Spring!

2015.04 Carte Blanche Nail

Floral Art Nail $1100


Tel 27391966

WhatsApp 61699950

※Please make sure to mention the promotion at time of booking. 

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