Carte Blanche was playfully named due to the double meaning the phrase contains.

Carte Blanche means both “white paper” in French, as well as a “signed blank cheque”.

We like to think our beautiful and adventurous customers view themselves as a new canvas every time they walk through our door, ready to be transformed, ready to be even more beautiful each and every time.

Simultaneously, we firmly believe that every single one of our professional staff can deliver the highest quality services, and that customers can sit back, relax, and give our team carte blanche to look after them.

Carte Blanche’s mission is to spread the latest Japanese beauty trends in Hong Kong. It is a total beauty salon staffed with 10 Japanese professional staff, and Hong Kong professional staff who have a passion for Japanese beauty.

All of our hair stylists, manicurist, and eye designers are fully accredited by Japanese government or industry associations, and have between them experience in the uber-chic Tokyo districts of Omotesando, Roppongi and Ginza, as well as New York, London and Shanghai.

In order to maintain the best customer experience, we use only carefully selected products for your care, including shampoo, medical-grade lash glue and nail gel. Furthermore, every single drop of water in our salon is filtered by an US NSF-approved commercial grade filter imported from Japan, to recreate the very soft feeling of natural spring water around Mt. Fuji. You are sure to notice the difference in your shampoo and even cuticle care.

Come and experience the difference.



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