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Making Bookings■

Telephone (recommended) 27391960 ・ 27391966

Whatsapp (recommended) 61699950

Web Booking → click

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※Our Web Booking offers convenient 24 hour instant confirmation for our most popular menus.

However, the Web Booking does not offer certain services such as Lash Extension Refill, and certain staff are not available for online booking.

If unsure, please contact our reservation staff.

※Other than Web Booking, other booking methods are offered between 10:00〜20:00 every day.

※We do not offer chat services on Line, which is only for promotional offers. Register here!


Promotional Offers■

For details of promotions, please check our promotion posts or ask our reservation staff.


星For new customer promotions, trial prices are separately offered for hair, nail, eyelash extension, eyebrow styling and facial. For example, if you are a nail customer but never tried hair, you can avail of the new customer trial price for hair.

星For promotions requiring coupons, please ensure to show the coupon to our technical staff prior to the start of your session ⁂ even if you have already mentioned it at the time of booking⁂.

星We do not retroactively offer discounts if you do not show the coupon. It’s as easy as showing your smartphone screen so please make sure you get your discount by showing the coupon!

星Most of our promotional offers are limited to weekdays, so please check the conditions carefully. When changing your booking from a weekday to a weekend, the weekday promotional offer will be automatically cancelled.


Our coupon system is in place for the purpose of smooth billing.

Don’t be shy and whip out that coupon!!グラサン

You are also most welcome to ask our reservation staff if a particular coupon is valid!!!!


■Staff Requests■

Different staff attract different pricing.

Details can be checked in the menu section, and you are welcome to ask our reservation staff.

Please be aware that when your preferred date is already fairly booked and your preferred staff is having his/her day off, we may only be able to reply to you when he/she returns back to work.


Your First Visit / Session■︎

It will be helpful if you inform our reservation staff that this is your first visit or first session.

Here are a few notes when visiting for the first time.


Of course you are most welcome to talk to our Stylists on the day. However, if you already have something particular in mind, we will be able to allocate a suitable amount of time for you (e.g. colour → double colour on long hair).


Please mention if you need gel / acrylic removal.

Also, the booking slots we can offer will change depending on whether you just need one colour / a few stones or if you would like to do our monthly designs or a lot of art. If you already know approximately what you would like to have done, please let us know.


Please mention if you already have other store lashes on.

We will be unable to offer extension services if you have had eyelash perming done within the last two months. If you had perming done within the last three months but longer than two months ago, please consult our staff.

Staff availability is limited for Volume Lashes so please mention at time of booking if you would like Volume Lashes.

Please refrain from using curlers and wearing mascara on the day of your visit.


We use wax to remove unwanted eyebrows. Please keep unwanted hairs grown longer than 2mm.

The waxing can be slightly agitating for sensitive skin. Persons with highly sensitive skin or who have done / plan to do peeling / photofacial within two weeks of your visit may be advised against the procedure.

Slight redness may be observed after the procedure. While it will normally subside quickly, if you have an important event to attend, we recommend to have eyebrow styling a few days beforehand rather than immediately before.


While there is no evidence of any harm, pregnant women may consider avoiding the Pulse Whitening Facial which involves usage of a facial device emitting an electromagnetic pulse.


■Reconfirmation and changes / cancellations

For customers having made a booking with us at least two days in advance, our reservation staff will call one day ahead to reconfirm your booking details ウインク

Should you require a change or cancellation of your booking, we encourage you to avail of the reconfirmation call to do so. We accept changes and cancellations free of charge up to 18:00 the day prior to your booking. 


■︎Turning up on time

Due to the personalized nature of our services, please cooperate in turning up at the time of your bookingニコニコ


If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will prioritize other customers arriving on time. Depending on our other bookings, we reserve the right to change / cancel your booking, or for hair bookings, you may experience a long waiting time during your session えーん

Even when the menu is shortened, the price for your booked menu will apply.


On our part, we will strive to do our best to accommodate changes, such as by switching staff break times, so we ask that you call as early as possible to let us know if you will be running late 電話


■Late Cancellations and No Shows

As mentioned above, we accept changes and cancellations to 18:00 the day prior to your booking 照れ

Having customers contact us early allows us to accommodate customers on waiting lists, and to allow our staff to opt to take a morning off / leave early, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


Beyond the 18:00 cut off time, except in unavoidable circumstances, our policy is as follows.

星Late cancellationぐすん

We reserve the right to charge a Late Cancellation fee of 50% of your booked menu on your next visit.

For customers with packages, one of the following charges will apply.

*Series packages → The price equivalent to 50% of one package session.
*Point packages → 3 points or 50% of the points required for your booking, whichever is higher (changed from 1 point as of 1 January 2018)

星No showえーん

We reserve the right to charge a No Show fee of 100% of your booked menu on your next visit.

For customers with packages, one of the following charges will apply.

*Series packages → Usage of 1 package session.
*Point packages → 5 points or 100% of the points required for your booking, whichever is higher (changed from 1 point as of 1 January 2018)

星Repeated late cancellations and/or no showsうーん

Customers with repeated late cancellations and/or no shows will be denied advanced booking privileges for the next 3 visits.

In such cases, we will service the customer only when they visit our store directly on the day and there is a vacancy.


We reiterate that this does not apply to customers in unavoidable circumstances. Please consult our staff in such casesキラキラ


In asking our customers for their understanding and cooperation, the Carte Blanche team will strive to continuously improve our own services.



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